Project Description

Every so often I’m asked at the last minute if I can help a distressed bride and groom as they have been let down. By last minute I mean 3-4 weeks away from the wedding. Apart from being abducted by aliens or being shipwrecked a professional should never let down their client. It’s my biggest biggest pet hate, so whenever my diary allows I’m happy to step in and help.

I met Claire and David as they had to rebook their entertainment and we instantly hit it off. 4 weeks later I was singing their first dance and providing the evening entertainment and we had a ball! I even recorded their first dance for them- Louis Armstrongs’ “we have all the time in the world” in the studio and presented it to them as a momento. Ferraris Country House is a wonderful place, beautiful food and surroundings and a new venue to me.

It was a pleasure to share their evening with them all, and wish them every happiness in life

Thanks Claire and David x